What is the Macro Social Work Student Network (MSWSN)? 

MSWSN has grown out of a need for advocacy for greater macro education in social work schools. The best advocates for this are the students themselves. By using their assets and working towards the stated goal they can be the difference needed in our schools and, ultimately, our communities. 

What does MSWSN do?

The most active part of MSWSN is its School Organizing Program, which works with students across the country, supporting the development of MSWSN chapters at various social work schools. The School Organizing Program works to foster an environment in which macro practice is the focus by creating MSWSN chapters through School Organizing Program representatives. By creating chapters nationally, we are spreading the much-needed advocacy for macro social work. Chapters function independently with their own specific goals and needs, and MSWSN functions as a coalition within the framework of a monthly dialogue among School Organizing Program Student Leaders at various chapters.

Who runs MSWSN?

Our social work programs are short, meaning that the core management structure provides room for transitions and renewal frequently. Students at Hunter College's Silberman School of Social Work founded and execute the administration of MSWSN while simultaneously maintaining a separate Silberman Chapter with School Organizing Program representatives . MSWSN is a true collective effort run with the assistance of the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA).

Are professors involved?

Yes. MSWSN is student-run and inspired, but professorial involvement is encouraged and tactically smart (know your assets!). We want macro professors to be enthusiastically involved and help guide us. This relationship should strengthen the actions of any MSWSN chapter. 

Is MSWSN associated with any other groups or organizations?

Yes. MSWSN is associated with the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA). ACOSA is a national organization of macro practitioners and students. 

What is meant by "school organizing?"

The organizing MSWSN does is in our schools, for our future, and for future students' educations.

What are the responsibilities of a Student Leader? 

Student Leaders are to be the "lead organizers" of the school's MSWSN chapter. Their goals are to accomplish what is within the scope of your chapter's assets; and the Campus Leaders' Space is provided to connect with other Leaders for support. 

Can I be involved even if my school doesn't have a macro program or I'm not a macro student?

Yes! Naturally MSWSN will attract macro students, but we want to work with any students and professors supportive of macro education. Even if you're a micro (clinical, casework) student you can still acknowledge the undeniable link between micro and macro by being involved with MSWSN.  

What is the next step after I complete my degree? 

One of the best ways to stay involved with advocacy for macro social work education and practice is by becoming a member of ACOSA.

How can I contact MSWSN?

Contact MSWSN here.


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