Join us in participating in the"Macro Matters" campaign. The purpose of this is to share our reasons why macro social work matters and to humanize each reason. Here's how to participate 1-2-3: 

1. Print out the sign below and write in a reason why macro social work matters.

 For example:

a. An "I" statement

b. A general, overarching reason

c. A specific community issue/achievement

d. Any other great reason that comes to mind 

2. Have someone take a picture of you (can be alone or with someone else, can be one sign or two signs, doesn't matter) holding your sign and representing your support of macro social work. These pictures will be used by MSWSN on FacebookTwitter, and this site - so do what makes your comfortable! It's important to put faces with a cause and these photos will contribute to the humanization of the reasons why we believe that macro matters. 

3. E-mail the picture to

Check out our social media pages for examples!

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